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Ethiopia Debeka

roast level light
  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 1000g

New naturalist from Ethiopia

Ethiopia are our sweethearts, we always like to choose them, because who wouldn't like apricots, peaches, the smell of flowering meadows or candies, yes ... When choosing the right Ethiopia for a given season, it is also true that the table is usually not bad, better and victorious, but just fine, better ... and a rocket! This year's natural is a rocket from the farm of Israel Degfa, from whom we bought a great and fragrant Adola last year. But it seems to us that this year's harvest is going even higher, among the stars! Debeka is a relatively small farm, the smallest of all that Israel owns, the amount of processed coffee is limited, we are all the more glad that we did not hesitate this year, acted quickly and bought a significant part of the coffee for ourselves :). Tested successfully on V60, French press, Clever Dripper, Moccamaster. We roast only light

Oromia, Guji region

Mundo Novo
fragrant, floral, apricots, bonparas, caramel
Suitable for
Drip, Espresso
Debeka , Israel Degfa
1.680 - 1.950 AMSL