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Indonesia Trenggiling

roast level dark
  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 1000g

Sweet and fruity

And at the same time earthy, full, expressive. Coffee from Asia, resp. Indonesia tends to have a similar character, except for the fruitiness we found and appreciated in the cup. Thanks to her, Trenggiling stands out from a number of, say, faded coffees that will please but not interest. Pleasant variety, and if someone tried us and asked us where the coffee came from, we would probably rather bet on Latin or even Africa, definitely not Indonesia. Otherwise, our reliable supplier has a choice, sourcing, supervision of coffee from A to Z. Sucafina, which aims not only to select quality grain, to control processing and logistics (traceability), but also to reduce the ecological footprint, to be fair to farmers, which unites and minimizes the number of partners who imagine between farmers on one and roasters on on the other hand. And again: the blue card indicates roasting at a lower temperature, there will be more acidity in the coffee, less bitterness, red on the contrary, the coffee is intended for lovers of bitter tones.


Andung Sari, Ateng, Linie S795 , Timtim, Typica
Sweet, fruity, full, spicy, herbs
Suitable for
Farms working together for Sucafina Indonesia, farms up to 2.5ha 1.200 - 1.700 AMSL