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Nikaragua Finca La Portuguesa

roast level light
  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 1000g

Sweet Red honey

After a year, India Ratnagiri honey falls out of our menu. It's a shame ... but you know it. Something old ends and something new begins. Call. So the task sounded clear, and this time we roasted at the roastery, which focused on honey-processed coffee ... Wait ... Honey ?! What does that mean ... maybe some of you will ask (and many know or suspect) ... Well, this is a relatively young method of coffee processing, which has its origins in Costa Rica and has also reached its greatest prosperity and growth here. This is not a dry method, where whole cherries are dried in their skins, nor is it wet, fully washed, where only the stone is already removed from its skin and flesh ... During honey processing, the skin goes down yes, but the flesh remains. It has sugars in it (imagine normal cherries in the summer), which turns into a stone when dried ... Sounds good? ­čÖé Definitely yes. As a result, honey coffee is clean, fruity and sweet at the same time ... Yeah, and let's not forget it wasn't that simple. According to how much the pulp remains in the oven, honey coffee is further divided into white, yellow, red and black. The more flesh there is, the darker the color of the coffee gets on drying .... The new Nika is fruity, sweet, honey and expressive. It meets all our requirements. For us, a great variety, we are very happy to prepare it. Both on the espresso filter.

San Fernando, Nueva Segovia

Villa Sarchi
Red honey
Sweet, fruity, green grapes, honey, chocolate
Suitable for
filtry, batch, french press, espresso
La Portuguesa 1.600 - 1.650 AMSL