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Rwanda Rapunga natural

roast level light
  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 1000g

New fresh natural ... yes!

As usual, the selection took us a bit, because the more experience we have, the less we want to rush things. Measure twice, cut once! What drags on does not escape! And so on, you know for sure. So we carefully selected again. As usual, we started with small 200g samples, which we gradually tasted, compared with each other, eliminated some and gradually narrowed the list of those who made it to the finals. The selection criteria this time was a clean, fresh and round fruity taste and at the same time we were looking for a coffee that we have so far lacked in the menu. And the new Rwanda Rapunga is exactly like that! In addition to the above, it offers a beautiful liqueur base and the scent of sweet red orange. We like it very much and we firmly believe that it will meet with your success as well! OUR TIP! Let the coffee rest for at least 10 days from the date of roasting, the taste takes a little longer to match the pace

Rwanda, Huye Mountain

Juicy, clean, liqueur
Suitable for
Filter and drip
More small farms with an average size of 0.12ha , Rapunga washing station
1.600 - 2.300 AMSL