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Guatemala Canaque crop 2021

  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 1000g
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Canaque is back and in great shape

This great natural woman quickly found her favorites and disappeared from the counters even faster!

That’s why we contacted our friend Jeremy from Touton specialty coffee in March and asked if Canaque would be available again. The answer was yes, and as soon as Jeremy had the samples, he sent them to us for a taste. A sharp test took place, ie. soak 50g of green grain on Ikawa (sampler roaster), wait a few days for the taste to settle (who has to endure it? :)), taste (cupping), evaluate yourself and later have fun with colleagues about coffee, exchange views and observations.


Coffee very similar to the one we had on offer so far, so there is nothing to solve. Bereme.

After a year, we buy it again in sufficient quantities, so you can look forward to a coffee with a rum, nougat aroma and a delicate and sweet taste.

Huehuetenango, La Libertad

San Ramón & Caturra
dry method, natural
Rum, nougat, cocoa, syrup
Hodí se na
filter, batch, french press
Finca Canaque , Jorge Vides
1800 AMSL