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Costarica Montañas del Diamante

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!! New crop 2021 !!

Coffee from Costa Rica generally sells well and we enjoy roasting, tasting and drinking it. The acronym has a very good reputation in the world and people associate it with quality. Well, we can only agree. Coffee from Costa Rica is characterized by a clean taste with pleasant acidity, excellent processing in terms of grain size and quality. Producers and farmers invest a lot of money in processing coffee beans. And they also talk about him very passionately and for a long time. After hours of explanation, you will learn that such an investment will pay off, because without quality technology, modern machines and new innovative approaches to growing coffee, it will not work, or it will work, but much worse.

This year, just like last year, we have re-booked coffee from Martin Gutierrez, because we have the best experience with it. It has a clean, pleasant, uncomplicated taste, as well as one coffee that can be drunk every day and will not be drunk. In addition, it is nice roasted in the dark, ie. preferred by those who prefer a stronger and bitter taste.

At the end of a small repeat:

the blue card indicates roasting at a lower temperature, there will be more acidity in the coffee, less bitterness, red on the contrary, the coffee is intended for lovers of bitter tones.

Kostarika, Dota Tarrazú

Caturra & Catuaí
Pure, sweet, caramel, amaretto, vanilla, nougat
Hodí se na
espresso and filter
Montañas del Diamante , Martin Gutierrez
1.750 AMSL