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Experience coffee

Definitely the best and also the most expensive coffee we have ever had on offer. Cupping Score 89. We are not afraid to write and admit color.

The reason we chose him is actually trivial. We wanted to make ourselves happy at the KF laundry, and we said that we would find and buy something that would absolutely deviate from the line and wipe our eyes. A coffee that tastefully beats everyone else we have. And we (we think) succeeded at number one. Washed Columbia by Diego is complex, balanced, clean, delicate, without fermentation lines and spells. Yeah, and it tastes totally raspberry! Now a little about a major player on the coffee field.

Diego Samuel is a relatively young farmer who has been growing, processing and producing selected coffee for the last ten years of his life. He is not alone on the farm, his immediate family members help him, they have set up their own laboratory together on the farm so that they can experiment and start developing their own fermentation protocols and unique procedures. The result of their efforts and ingenuity are absolutely exceptional, extravagant coffees that push the boundaries of the possible and set the bar in the coffee world.

We are happy to roast, taste and offer this coffee in our hearts. It’s a special candy, a dream come true.

Kolumbie Cauca

Washed, Thermal Shock
clean, complex, velvety, raspberries, cream
Hodí se na
filter, batch
Finca El Paraiso, Cauca , Samuel Diego Bermudez
1700 - 1900 AMSL