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Nikaragua Los Potrerillos

  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 1000g
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We have them under the roof and we have enough of it. This is because it’s exactly coffee (especially) for everyone who is conservative and doesn’t have extravagant tastes much in love. However, this does not mean that this Nika is boring, not at all, it is distinctive, body and aroma, just do not expect a flowering meadow, but a classic in the form of choco, nuts and syrup. Btw we (not only) selected it in the roastery together with colleagues and the selection gave us quite a bit this year. Now we are satisfied with the result, with the fact that we can offer it to you.

As always, the blue card indicates roasting at a lower temperature, there will be more acidity in the coffee, less bitterness, red on the contrary, the coffee is intended for lovers of bitter tones.

Nikaragua, Matagalpa and Jinotega

Castillo, Parainema, Marsellesa
Dark choco, syrup, walnuts, sweet
Hodí se na
Drip, batch, espresso
Los Potrerillos , Rizo family
1.000 - 1.250 AMSL